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Miniature Barbed Swivel Fittings

A new range of miniature leak free, lightweight, hose barbs is introduced by The West Group Limited. The patented unique design of each swivel allows for 360 degree rotation and incorporates captured double o-ring seals, to prevent leakage. Swivel barbs solve the problem of tube alignment and rotation commonly found when using conventional fixed barbed […]

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West Orifice Restrictors with Integral Filters are Colour Coded

A new range of miniature orifice restrictors is now available from The West Group for use upon Compressed Air, Gas and Liquids to pressures of 125psi (8.5bar). The orifice restrictors incorporate a protective stainless steel filter enclosed within a precision moulded polysulfone housing. Ten colour coded orifice diameters ranging from 0.004” (0.10mm) to 0.030” (0.76mm) […]

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Clippard New Oxygen Series Electronic Valves

The West Group Ltd are pleased to introduce the new Oxygen Clean Series electronic valves. Available in 2-way or 3 way, normally-closed or fully ported, the valves are designed for use with oxygen applications and will work with air and inert gas. The ‘O-E’ series pneumatic valves utilise a unique patented valve system that has […]

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New Gas Control Equipment

Pneuchange automatic change-over units. The West Group are pleased to announce that they are now the sole distributors for the NTC series of innovative gas control products. This includes the new range of Pneuchange and Pneuchange-Trio automatic CO² cylinder change-over units for incubators and other gas dependent equipment. The NTC Pneuchange and Pneuchange Trio series […]

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NEW NPV Series miniature pinch valves

The Clippard NPV Series Miniature Pinch Valve is a solenoid-operated device that is designed to open and close tubes for controlling flow of liquids and gases. Other valve types have internal passages that may cause small amounts of fluid to remain in the valve. Pinch valves have no areas or dead volume where fluid can […]

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