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Fundraising for Parkinson’s UK

May 2018 – The West Group supported Helen Oldridge, our Technical Department Manager, with her Epic Ox Race Series Challenge in aid of Parkinson’s UK.  The challenge was 4 races over 3 days, covering a total of 126km (78.3 miles) round Rushmore Forest:-

The Dark Ox – 10.5km night race on Friday night

The Ox 50 – 50 miles on Saturday

The Light Ox – 10.5km in daylight on Sunday morning followed by The Ox Half, another 13.1 miles

To support her campaign, we held a fundraising day at the office which included contributions for  dressing down and a pizza delivery.  The West Group doubled the money we raised on the day plus Helen’s sponsorship by staff, which meant that the final amount we donated to Parkinson’s UK was £696.  So far Helen has raised a total of £866, a fantastic amount for an epic challenge!