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West Orifice Restrictors with Integral Filters are Colour Coded

A new range of miniature orifice restrictors is now available from The West Group for use upon Compressed Air, Gas and Liquids to pressures of 125psi (8.5bar). The orifice restrictors incorporate a protective stainless steel filter enclosed within a precision moulded polysulfone housing. Ten colour coded orifice diameters ranging from 0.004” (0.10mm) to 0.030” (0.76mm) are available, each being suitable for in-line installation within flexible tubing of 1/16” (1.57mm) and 1/8 (3.17mm) inside diameter. A choice of 5, 25, 43 or 73 Micron filtration is offered dependent upon selected restrictor orifice diameter. This product is ideally suited where precise flow is essential, they are light in weight, inexpensive and corrosion resistant. Applications include laboratory, medical, instrumentation, fluid power and analytical industries A fully descriptive catalogue, samples and technical information is available upon request.

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