Design & Supply of Fluid Control Solutions & Components

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Technical Services

The West Group specialises in the design, development and manufacture of customer specific solutions for the medical, analytical and other fluid power related markets. As an ISO9001 registered company, we pride ourselves in producing high quality products and services…. every time!

We generally use products that are exclusive to the group in order to produce our assemblies. However, as we are not tied to a specific component manufacturer we are able to use our purchasing power to use those components our customers require.

Using the vast array of skills and experience of our engineers, we are able to design and manufacture specific solutions ranging from miniature tube assemblies to complex manifold assemblies, from small electro-mechanical control panels to fully installed automation systems.

Quality…quality…quality that’s The West Group focus when it comes to our value added services. Our team work to explicitly detailed work instructions linked to 3D CAD model viewers to ensure that our assemblies are produced correctly and to extremely high standards. All assemblies are 100% tested to individual requirements. These can range from simple manual to fully automated and data logged tests.

Please browse through the range of ‘value added’ services that we are able to offer and see how The West Group may be able to help.