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Component marking using the latest laser etching technology for complete traceability 

Component marking our range of fittings enables full or part identification for a variety of manufacturing and business applications.  

The West Group use the latest in laser marking technology for our component marking service add-on. This process can be applied to both metal and plastic fittings and leaves a permanent reference mark relevant to your business or application.

Our fluid control fittings are available in a large variety of materials including metals, plastic and composite materials.  Many of our components can be engraved but we would advise you to speak with a member of our support team for confirmation the part you require can be used.

Components can be engraved with text, numbers and symbols

It is therefore possible to provide identification of parts should you wish to trace where a component was made, the material of manufacture, production location or operator using a batch number or serial number.

The West Group - Component Marking
The West Group - Component Marking Batch

Traceability of components also helps identify the potential location of a product or component in a machine or system

An example of assisting you with the traceability of your components would be if you wish to combine component X with Y serial number in a machine or system.  This specific aspect of component tracking has the benefit of enabling you to retain full service history of an item of machinery.  You can then see if non-OEM parts have been used between services.

The etching process and equipment we use provides high precision detail so has a strong cosmetic appearance.

This makes the process ideal for both text and number marking but also symbols should you wish to etch a logo onto the components you purchase from us.  Although a more cosmetic purpose, engraving your logo onto the fittings you purchase can work as a further enhancement and extension of your brand.

Would you like to learn more about our Component Marking options?

Our Technical Department would be delighted to discuss your interest in Component Marking in more detail.  Feel free to get in touch using our online appointment request form, by e-mailing The West Group or by calling our support team on +44 (0)23 9226 6031.