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Our component kitting and packing services

Kitting and packing involves the selection and grouping of related components for a specific application or point of sale supply alongside a system or device.

Our kitting and packing services are a valuable resource for companies looking to gain efficiencies and move towards lean manufacturing. They can streamline your processing times and enhance your assembly line efficiency. This is a well utilised area of The West Group's product service delivery business.

Our kitting and packing services follow four key steps to ensure we offer delivery quality: 

  • Step 1 - Consultation with our production team to outline your requirements
  • Step 2 - Creation of a dedicated kitting process specification and production flow
  • Step 3 - Kitting production with continual product delivery communications
  • Step 4 - Post-production consultation/review in line with your production requirements
The West Group - Kitting and Packing

Why a specialist kitting solution benefits manufacturers ...

Completion of custom kitting and packing within a specialised and dedicated facility offers greater reliability of component supply.  Service delivery compared to production within a manufacturing environment is vastly superior.  

  • The West Group specialises in component manufacture, supply and assembly.  

  • We have therefore developed expertise to package these products using a variety of methods including within a certified clean environment.  

  • This added capability has extended our services to supply organisations requiring a higher production specification.  For more details, visit the clean room section of our website.

Would you like to speak to a member of our team?

Our team will be happy to support your enquiry and answer queries relating to our kitting services.  We welcome you to contact us to discuss your interest in more detail.  

You may request a meeting or telephone appointment with a member of our team using our online appointment request form.  Alternatively, contact our support team by e-mail or call our head office on +44 (0)23 9226 6031.