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Your partner in medical and life science fluid components and solutions

Class 7 Cleanroom assembly, a cost -effective and valuable out-sourcing opportunity for medical device manufacturers

Organisations of all sizes from varying industries utilise our component and sub-assembly Class 7 cleanroom services.  We supply SMEs through to internationally recognised medical device manufacturers with our high quality, miniature flow control products.

Our Class 7 cleanroom production facility enhances and supports our miniature component manufacturing, production and post production capability.

Whether used as a stand-alone service or alongside our component range, we operate an industry leading cleanroom resource.  This is primarily used by the medical, scientific and industrial sectors.  

Our UK based facility is fully certified to meet the varying needs of the manufacturers we support.   With a scalable operation, we deliver small production runs through to high volume production capability as a large OEM supplier.

The West Group - Cleanroom
The West Group - Cleanroom Capability

Class 7 cleanroom production capability is a key competence at The West Group

Our product development and technical team will work through the varying stages of manufacture and production with you.  From bespoke product design and sample creation through the post-production manufacturing processes, we ensure it meets your exact requirements.

Our cleanroom facility supports:

  • Our range of components, fittings and sub-assemblies as a service option
  • Cleanroom production processing to Class 7 Classification
  • Precision cutting, component bonding and assembly using the latest tooling

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to outsource an element of your production?

Outsourcing a specific element of your production can significantly reduce your overall manufacturing costs.  

We have invested heavily in our infrastructure and combine this with our products and expertise to ensure we offer our customers quality with maximum business efficiency.  Our clean room production is primarily used as an outsourcing service for the medical, scientific and analytical industries looking for a specialised provider certified to meet the required standards.

An increasingly fast paced business environment continues to drive pressure on manufacturers looking to innovate with their product offering while the need to be competitive with the end user pricing remains. 

We specialise in the manufacture and production of miniature assemblies and components for niche applications.  Manufacturers are therefore able to benefit from our expertise, output quality and production flexibility while avoiding the high investment required to set-up and maintain it themselves.

The West Group - Cleanroom Capabilities

A trusted partner for manufacturers requiring Class 7 Cleanroom production capability

We have gained the confidence and trust of our customers by continually monitoring our facilities and operations to ensure product and service quality excellence is achieved.  This extends into a thorough understanding and meticulous placement of staff, support operatives and supplier services who share our vision.

We are proud to support an ever growing number of individuals, small businesses and global technology manufacturers with components, bespoke products and assembly solutions.

Would you like to speak to a member of our Production Team?

If you would like to discuss a specific element of our cleanroom production processes, we would be delighted to support your enquiry.  Please complete our online appointment request form, contact us by e-mail or call our support team on +44 (0)23 9226 6031.

Class 7 Cleanroom production and assembly certification

Our Class 7 validation is encompassed by the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards we hold.  The West Group has a reputation for product output quality and reliability for use in a clinical, scientific and analytical environments and these areas place greater emphasis on product process quality with an adherence to specific certification and standards.

The West group cleanroom environment is maintained with these application areas in mind with a focus on meeting the varying needs of our customers.  Our flexible and scalable clean room service provides the production quality and stringent classification requirements of the industries we serve.

For full details of our quality policy, standards and certification, please visit the Commitment to Quality section of our website.