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What is Sub-Assembly Production and how can it help your manufacturing process?

Precision manufactured miniature components with sub-assembly production excellence

Sub-assembly production is a collection of components combined to form a system that performs a role or process.  At The West Group, we have become recognised as a specialist supplier of miniature sub-assemblies for a range of markets.

Combining precision manufactured miniature components with our production services and expertise is a key competence at The West Group.  We have a huge range of miniature components to draw upon, in addition to the design of custom sub-assemblies.  

Our experienced design, development, technical and production teams offer flexible, high quality products for niche applications and markets.

Our sub-assemblies are unique to each customer.  With a selection of components to perform a particular function, the output performance required by the system is achieved.  Working with organisations of all sizes, we are happy to produce low production runs through to large volume OEM production.

The West Group - Sub Assembly Production
The West Group - Sub-Assembly Production Operative

Production flexibility is an aspect of our business we are proud to extend to all our customers

Our miniature Sub-Assembly Production services offer many benefits to your business:

  • We continually review our component range to assure performance and conformity to standards where appropriate.  The result is high component performance which in turn ensures the quality of our sub-assemblies.
  • With comprehensive testing processes and industry leading tooling, our sub-assembly production is trusted by many global OEM customers.
  • Our investment in specialist production facilities and equipment means you can be confident in the product we supply.  You have the opportunity to gain significant cost-efficiencies in terms of saved manufacturing time, labour costs and reduced production cycles.
  • Sourcing your sub-assemblies from us simplifies your procurement process by reducing the number of purchased parts requiring management and control.
  • Our certification and technical ability often exceeds the standards required by the markets we supply.  This has positioned us as a preferred supplier to manufacturers within the medical, biopharm and analytical industries. This is particularly relevant where material certification and cleanroom production capability are required.
The West Group - Sub-Assembly Production

Specialist areas within our Sub-Assembly Production portfolio:

  • Manifold Assembly - Available in a variety of materials including acrylic, aluminium and steel.  Miniature manifold assemblies improve the reliability of flow, connection and the output of the system they operate within.  Component connections are simplified enabling leak-free functionality with improved cleanliness.
  • Tube Assemblies - Our tubing is available in both metric and imperial sizes and in a variety of materials.  Materials include nylon, polyurethane, biomedical, bioprocess, antimicrobial, non-reinforced PVC, multi-colour and ribbon hose.  A range of connection options for our tube sub-assemblies enables us to provide customised solutions for niche flow control applications.

Certification and classification of our medical assembly products

EPIII and USP Class VI standards (European/ United States Pharmacopeia) are applicable to products we supply into other healthcare technologies.  Compounds and materials used within our component plastics and materials are traceable to clarify their bio-compatibility.

Customers may use the EPIII/ USP VI status of a product as a marker that a component has demonstrated low levels of toxicity.  It has also therefore passed the test requirements in full.  Component compliance with either standard is primarily at the request of end users from the medical and biopharm industries. 

Our UK service capabilities include cleanroom production for customers requiring this level of cleanliness for their sub-assembly production.  Our cleanroom facility is fully certified to meet the needs of the medical, biopharm and analytical industries.  With a scalable operation, The West Group can support small production runs and high volume orders.

We are committed to producing quality products.  Details of our quality policies, certification and classifications can be found on the quality section of our website.

Our design teams are on hand to support the development process

Consultation with our design and production engineers will work through the process of setting up the precise configuration of your sub-assembly.  The development phase with our in-house, certified SolidWorks engineers will give complete visualisation of the combined component elements.  Depending on your sub-assembly complexity or validation needs, we may create working prototypes for testing and verification prior to production.

Would you like to speak to a member of our Production team?

Our Production team are available and happy to assist you should you have an enquiry relating to our products and services.  We welcome you to contact us to discuss your interest in more detail either by submitting an online appointment request form, contacting us by e-mail or calling our head office for support on +44 (0)23 9226 6031.