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SBR Life Sciences Solutions from SBR-LS offer everything you need for the spectrum of life science applications

SBR-LS have total flexibility with their O-rings, seals and tubing. They provide fast turnaround on their range of standard components. Alongside SBR-LS' components and manufacturing is their range of service capabilities. They are able to offer pre-assembled components, component kits and cleanroom production options.

A main success of SBR-LS is their ability to offer a dedicated service covering all aspects of rubber component supply.  Long standing customers benefit from a single supplier source with total service capability.

For full details of the SBR-LS range, please feel free to get in touch by e-mail or call +44(0)23 9225 5180 for support.

Medical O-rings
Medical O-rings are a key competence at SBR-LS. We have an extensive range of standard products or it is possible to develop a custom component solution.
Medical Seals & Gaskets
Seals and gaskets of all types and specifications are used across the healthcare industry. Med-tech applications make extensive use of this part.
Medical Tubing
Tubing is an essential material in healthcare applications. Our tube range offers the technical benefits required by life science and medical applications.
Sanitary Gaskets
To achieve a seal clamp connection, our sanitary gaskets are available in a variety of specifications for sanitary pipelines.