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Component Sample Kits

Our component sample kits are available to assist customers during the component selection and flow control system specification process. 

We have a range of component kits available according to their application:

  • Fluid Connections Research & Design Kit
  • Fluid Connections Sample Kit
  • Pressure Care Sample Kit
  • Endoscopy Consumables Kit
  • Endoscopy Cleaning & Drying Kit

Our component sample kits provide manufacturers with a selection of components for the specification, design and testing processes.  We work to support the design and production process of a variety markets including the medical device manufacturing industry.

The West Group - Fluid Connections R&D Kit


Component Sample Kit Options

Please find below a list of 5 pre-selected component sample kits.

  • If you would like to see the contents of each kit (001, 002, 003, 005, 006) click on the 'View Sample Kit List' option below each kit you are interested in.
  • To request a pre-selected sample kit or a bespoke sample kit, please e-mail your request to us and we will be delighted to support your enquiry.
The Research & Design Kit offers our largest selection of samples to assist those in the early stages of a project. The kit not only provides a wide range of fittings, it also gives examples of materials in which they are available. Parts include luers, check valves, filters, miniature manifolds and orifice restrictors.
This is a general sample kit offering an overview of our core products such as Y connectors, quick release couplings, check valves, shut-off valves, filters, orifice restrictors, stopcocks and tubing.
Our Pressure Care Sample Kit provides examples of those parts widely used in products such as dynamic mattresses or wound care therapy. Popular items include check valves, plugs and sockets, orifice restrictors and tubing.
The Endoscopy Consumables Kit is another general kit offering an overview of popular parts used within the Endoscopic world. It includes items such as check valves, animal-free polypropylene luers and connectors, flexible PVC tubing, medical grade ABS sockets/ plugs and tubing clamps.
This kit is specifically designed with manufacturers of endoscopic washer and drying cabinets in mind. It showcases check valves, valved and non-valved plugs and sockets - including twist-lock examples in thermoplastic, filters and other appropriate fittings.
We are always happy to support your requirement for a sample kit for a specific application. Please get in touch with our customer service department and we will be delighted to support your enquiry.