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The West Group Story How have we achieved 50 years of success and growth?

We are celebrating the fiftieth anniversary since the conception of our business.  

We have maintained a commitment to provide quality product and service solutions in the years since and are delighted to support our many customers in the UK and across the world.

The West Group - Mission statement:

The West Group is committed to providing the best customer service experience possible for the miniature medical and scientific fluid markets.  Our mission is to offer outstanding design skills, value added services and product variety.

The West Group - Global Component Supply

Our emphasis on adaptation and development of our product and service capabilities, implemented by an excellent team of people, is the reason for our success.

Our continued emphasis on quality and a desire to strive for excellence is present across every aspect of our business.

This has resulted in an extensive and ever growing UK and global customer base.  We continually innovate at The West Group, spending time listening to our customers.  This ensures we understand the changing needs of the markets we supply.

We feed the knowledge and understanding we gain into our design, development and production processes.  Our teams combine this market intelligence with their expertise of miniature fluid control and by using the latest production technologies.