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Fluid Control Components for the
Ophthalmic Market

Reliable, high quality medical grade fluidic components serving the Ophthalmic market

We are an established supplier to the Ophthalmic market offering a wide range of high quality medical grade fluidic components.  Our range includes a variety of special materials and end connection types.

Contact us today and request one of our sample kits including a range of key components for the Ophthalmic market. 

Send us an email at if you would like to receive a free sample kit of our Ophthalmic products. 



Need a Custom Fitting?

It is sometimes the case that an existing solution or connection type is still not able to meet the demand of the product design.  In this situation, we have the knowledge and capability to create new connection styles, component designs or adaptations

From conception to production, our knowledge and understanding of materials, component design fundamentals and  market experience is applied.  This forms the foundation of our bespoke product design service. 

Our design teams can make sure your component has the uniqueness and usability you require.

Get in touch today with your requirements and we can work together to find a solution