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Air Logic manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of pneumatic and vacuum control equipment.

Air Logic is founded upon the many years of experience and expertise of Fred Knapp as a craftsman.  The result is a reputation for excellence and quality of which The West Group is proud to represent.

The company remains a family owned and operated business and continues to grow from the main structure completed in 1955 to today's business.  Seven product range additions have been made to meet the expanding needs of customers and the diversified growth across a variety of global markets.

The West Group - Supplier - Air Logic
The West Group - Air Logic Assortment Kits
Air Logic manufactures a comprehensive list of assortment kits that provide a wide selection of products for testing, designing or engineering purposes. Each assortment kit contains a selection of models according to the specific parts and specification you require. Kits include: filter assortment kits, orifice assortment kits, bulkhead connector kits, swivel fitting assortment kits and plastic fitting assortment kits.
The West Group - Air Logic Interface Devices
We feature a comprehensive line of Pneumatic Interface devices and sensing elements within our product portfolio. The various devices include both fluidic and moving diaphragm control components, each to be used where its own advantages are needed. Interface devices include Test Point Indicators, Diaphragm Amplifiers, Diaphragm Comparators, Sensor Venturis, Spring Sensors and a Vacuum Generator.
The West Group - Air Logic Pressure Vacuum Switches
Our range of precision snap-acting switches interface from pressure signals to electrical control circuits and from vacuum signals to electrical systems. The snap-action electrical switch provides a positive and reliable response with an operation based upon the actuation of a precision snap-acting switch acting against a diaphragm. The extremely short stroke and small volume permit fast response making it ideal for precise pressure and vacuum sensing.
The West Group - Air Logic Regulators & Manifolds
Air Logic is a manufacturer and supplier of Modular Subminiature Precision Pressure regulators and Modular manifold Systems to The West Group. These products are ideal for instrumentation, medical and industrial applications. The precision regulators and manifold systems from Air Logic control elements including both fluidic and moving diaphragm control components. Either are to be used where its specific characteristics and advantages are required.
The West Group - Air Logic Miniature Quick Disconnects
The Air Logic range of miniature quick disconnects has a patented design to ensure a quick, easy and reliable connection. Straight-thru flow is standard but shut off capabilities are offered. Three barb configurations are featured (straight barb, barbed elbow and barbed tee). The unique design allows the barbed fitting to swivel 360 degrees in the base.
The West Group - Air Logic Captured O-Rings
The Air Logic range of swivel fittings is available in three models (straight swivel, swivel elbow, swivel tee). Swivel fitting barb options include 1/16", 3/32" or 1/8" and thread 1/8"-27 NPT or 1/4"-18 NPT. The unique design allows the fitting to swivel 360 degrees and the snap type fitting is sealed with a Buna-N O-ring. Material is precision moulded nylon.
The West Group - Air Logic Bulkhead Swivel Fittings
This is a new Air Logic range and we are delighted to be able to include it in The West Group range. The modular design allows you to design the fitting specifically for your application. Barb size and the swivel barb configuration are both customisable options.
The West Group - Air Logic Plastic Fittings
Air Logic is a manufacturer of plastic fittings and quick disconnects. The plastic fittings include bulkhead connectors, miniature unions, reducing connectors, barbed fittings, tees, elbows, crosses, 10-32 plugs, 10-32 nipples, straight swivels, swivel elbows and tees.