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Ark-Plas injection moulded and extruded plastic components

Ark-Plas is a manufacturer of injection moulded and extruded plastic components.  Their products include a range of Luers, Barbed Connectors, Stopcocks, Check Valves, Tubing and more.

For over thirty years, Ark-Plas has served a wide range of markets from the life sciences to industrial.  This extensive experience allows us to bring The West Group customers a wealth of knowledge.

Leading the way in Injection Moulding Manufacturing, each catalogue item can be produced using non-standard materials and their respective variations.  Additionally, specialty materials not usually stocked can be made available.  

To accompany the standard product range, we offer our customers the engineering and design experience available from the Ark-Plas engineering and design team.  The latest CAD design techniques are combined with tool fabrication on sophisticated controlled steel cutting equipment.  This allows our customers to benefit from custom built tooling for specific component design and production.  

Using state of the art in-line process monitoring equipment, the Ark-Plas range of tubing is only ever produced to the highest quality.  The complete range of plastic extruded tubing is available in a variety of materials and sizes, allowing for a 'custom fit' with standard catalogue items.

For full details of the Ark-Plas range, please feel free to get in touch by e-mail or call +44 (0)23 9226 6031 for support.

The West Group Brand - Ark-Plas
Arkplas Barbed Fittings from The West Group
Barbed Fittings
The Ark-Plas Barbed Fittings are a premium range and are stocked in White Nylon, Natural polypropylene, Clear Polycarbonate and Kynar (PVDF). All are available in two barb styles. Standard Barbs accommodate most types of flexible tubing with the ID expanding from 40% to 50% above normal ID value. Hard-Line Barb is for use with semi-rigid tubing and is best suited for low pressure flexible tubing applications.
Arkplas Luers from The West Group
This range includes a large selection of both male and female luers. Available options include locking or slip tip variances, locking rings, bulkhead luers for panel mounting, threaded luers, adaptors and plugs. Conical tapers are moulded to ISO 594-1 and ISO 594-2 Standards for 6% luers tapers. This helps ensure compatibility with all other luers moulded to the same high standard. All luers are moulded in new, lot-traceable source materials only. Standard materials include Natural Nylon, Natural Polypropylene and Clear Polycarbonate.
Arkplas Stopcocks from The West Group
Stopcocks are moulded from new source materials only. All ports conform to ISO 594-1 and 594-2 standards and are available in every possible 1-way and 4-way configuration of locking male, male slip and female. 4-way stopcock luers have three ports with a 360 degree rotating handle. Adjusting the handle to be parallel with two or more ports will allow for flow.
Arkplas Check Valves from The West Group
Check Valves
Ark-plas use a free floating design that can be used in any position. It provides an immediate response to change in pressure or flow. Disk based check valves feature like bodies and are available in any configuration of barb, thread or luer.
Arkplas Inline Filters from The West Group
Inline Filters
Inline filters are designed for removing most visible particulate in aqueous solutions by means of either a stainless steel or high-density Polyethylene (HDPE) filter. Standard materials for filter housings are Natural Nylon, polypropylene and Clear Polycarbonate. Non-standard materials and configurations are available.
Arkplas Tubing from The West Group
Using state of the art in-line process monitoring equipment, the Ark-plas tubing range is of the highest quality. With a wide range of material options, sizing and with a wide range of chemical and physical characteristics, a tubing option is available for most applications.