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Clippard pneumatic components seek to solve customer problems with innovative solutions

Clippard pneumatic components represent a company with a 75-year-old history of innovation and pride in maintaining high quality products.  The Ohio-based manufacturer has grown significantly since its inception and is recognised throughout the industry for creating the gold standard for miniature pneumatic components.

The team at Clippard share a strong working ethos with The West Group allowing our two organisations to work together with ease.  A like-minded approach from the people within our organisations with a drive to produce the highest standard of products has ensured both businesses have achieved continued growth.

We both seek to resolve customer problems with innovative solutions which has led to our products being used across the globe in a variety of markets.  As we grow in size and our brands gain recognition, we take care to remember those who helped us build and achieve this success.

The West Group - Clippard
Valve selection is important to ensure correct flow capacity and avoid wasting space. Key additional benefits include reducing costs, impact, wear and air consumption. Each air system has a unique set-up. The West Group carry the full Clippard pneumatic valve range giving our customers full access to the part which meets their specific application.
Clippard introduced miniature pneumatic cylinders and valves to the industry in the early 1950's. We are delighted to work with and represent a manufacturer able to supply such a range. Our combined knowledge and experience of the products and market enable us to support customers with excellence.
Clippard's Maximatic® FRLs line, condition and prepare compressed air for use in fluid power systems. Pneumatic applications with properly conditioned air will operate longer, cost less and improve system efficiency. Pneumatic Filters, Regulator Systems for controlling pressure and Lubrication for pneumatic actuators and valves with accessories are included within the range/
Clippard Minimatic® precision fittings will save time, space and money when designing a versatile, productive, trouble free pneumatic circuits. The extensive range of Clippard fittings will ensure you find just the right fit when plumbing in your pneumatic circuit or assembly.