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Resources designed to assist your work

The launch of our new website includes a new online resources section.  

Over the coming months, we will be building the materials and information available within this section.  The aim of these resources is to provide an online portal for our customers who have an interest regarding a particular topic.

Our organisation and teams have extensive experience and combined knowledge.  We are delighted to share this with you in the form of informative and technical articles.  

Product Focus Articles

With a vast range of products and services, our online resources will include a selection of product focus articles.  

Our first article, 'Product Focus: A Check Valve' looks at what is a key component in our range.  A detailed explanation of the role of this product with a comprehensive explanation of the technical and material considerations is included.  This document is aimed to give a solid foundation of knowledge.  We are on hand to discuss this product with you further and to assist in correct component selection for your application.


Component Sample Kits

Another addition to our new look online is the ability for you to request a component sample kit.  

We have a selection of 5 standard kits available and a bespoke option allowing you to request a specific selection.  We support a large number of markets and applications so those currently listed are a snap shot of our component capability.

Visit the Sample Kits section of our website for full details.