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Twintec multi-tube quick connectors

Twintec manufactures precision made multi-tube connectors for quick connection and disconnection of pneumatic and air hose applications.

The range of multi-tube connectors from Twintec enables a quick changeover of panel mount and in-line connections.  This results in efficient and reliable one-touch installation and removal of nylon and polyurethane tubing.

One-touch installation and removal of the multi-tube manifold is an essential ingredient of the lean manufacturing process.  All tubes in the Twintec multi-tube quick connectors are contained in one bundle.  Multi-tube installation and removal is easy even in hard to see environments.  The quick connect multi-tube connectors are easy to use, prevent connection errors and reduce the installation time.

Designed for rugged environments, unlike plastic alternatives, this range of quick connectors have a solid aluminium construction.  This therefore makes them suitable for many industrial applications while maintaining cabinet integrity.

The BC series with integral push-to-connect fittings and the BH Series with threaded ports are key components within this range.  They are designed to reduce installation costs and prevent tubing misalignment during the conversion process.

For full details of the Twintec range, please feel free to get in touch by e-mail or call +44 (0)23 9226 6031 for support.

The West Group - Twintec Push-to-Connect Series
Multi Couplers - Push-to-Connect Series
The West Group - Twintec Threaded Port Series
Multi Couplers - Threaded Port Series