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Xavitech intelligent micro pumps

The range of Xavitech Micro Pumps uses unique technology to offer pump durability and longevity.

The micro pumps within this range are designed with low pulsations for use in gas and small particle sampling equipment.  Xavitech developed their unique pump technology to offer the market a more cost-effective, reliable and environmentally friendly pump solution.

Customers worldwide rely upon this miniature pump technology which is continually evolving and improving to strengthen its capability.  The West Group offers this range as it helps our customers design optimal fluid management systems.

Compared with regular diaphragm pumps, this pump range is unique.  The lifetime can extend up to 35,000+ hours with either a 3 wire, 5  wire or Flex connection interface.  Custom calibration capabilities and facilities are available with the Black Edition pump.  The Orange Edition offers a more cost-conscious pump option with a two wire interface and easy integration possibilities.

For full details of the Xavitech range, please feel free to get in touch by e-mail or call +44 (0)23 9226 6031.

Xavitec Miniature Pump Black Edition
Miniature Pump - Black Edition
Xavitec Miniature Pump Orange Edition
Miniature Pump - Orange Edition