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Air Logic - Assortment Kits

Air Logic designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of assortment kits all of which are available from The West Group.  Assortment kits provide a wide selection of products for testing, designing or engineering purposes.  

The kits available include the following:

Filter Assortment Kits - Contains a selection of three models. The F-950 Series is an in-line filter with barbs for 1/6" or 1/8" I.D. tubing.  The F-960 Series filter is encased in a male 10-32 UNF threaded housing with barbs for 1/16" or 1/8" I.D. tubing.  F-970 Series filter is encased in a female 10-32 UNF threaded housing.  Available in 5, 25, 43 or 73 microns.

Orifice Assortment Kits - Air Logic offers orifice restrictors in eleven colour coded sizes.  The orifices are precision molded of polysulfone material and are held to flow tolerances of ± 4%.  Inline orifice restrictors are available with barbs for 1/16" and 1/8" I.D. flexible tubing.  The orifice restrictors are also available in 10-32 x 1/16" and 10-32 x 1/8" barbed fittings.

Standard Bulkhead Connector Kit - There are two models or Air Logic Bulkhead Connectors, the reducing and the straight bulkhead connector.  The connectors join 1/16", 1/8" or .170 I.D. flexible tubing.  The bulkhead connectors are panel mounted by tightening a 1/4-28 UNF thread nut onto the external threads of the bulkhead.

Swivel Fitting Assortment Kits - Air Logic offers three models of swivel fittings; straight swivel, the swivel elbow and swivel tee.  All models of swivels are available with barbs for 1/6", 3/32" and 1/8" I.D. flexible tubing.  The swivels are offered with with 10-32 UNF threads, 1/8-27 NPT and 1/4-18 NPT.   The unique design of the fitting allows it to swivel 360 degrees.  Swivels are precision molded of nylon material and have a Buna-N O-ring for sealing purposes.

Plastic Fitting Assortment Kits - The plastic fitting assortment kits include a complete range of plastic fittings which include bulkhead connectors, miniature unions, reducing connectors, 10-32 UNF barbed fittings, tees, elbows, crosses, 10-32 UNF plugs, 10-32 UNF nipples, straight swivels, swivel elbows and swivel tees.

For full details of the Air Logic range, please feel free to get in touch by e-mail or call +44 (0)23 9226 6031 for support.