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Clippard - Cylinders

Stainless Steel Cylinders
The Clippard stainless steel cylinder range has over 130 different models and 14 bore sizes. With superior design and long life, the range of Delrin® Head corrosion resistant cylinders is extensive.
All Stainless Steel Cylinder
The all stainless steel cylinders is manufactured with durable 303 and 304 grade stainless steel. There are 4 bore sizes available and wipers come as standard. The range is FDA compliant grease lubrication standard certified.
Compact Extruded Cylinders
The interchangeable design of the Compact Extruded Cylinders allows for quick drop-in replacements. With 7 Bore Sizes options are flexible and the compact design is ideal for tight spaces.
Brass Cylinders
Clippard brass cylinders are the original miniature cylinder range. They are available in 4 bore sizes and have a ribust and heavy design. Applications include both hydraulic and pneumatic.
Air Volume Tanks
There are 10 standard models in the air volume tanks range with sizes from 1-6 cubic inches (custom sizes are available). Material options include stainless steel, all stainless steel and polypropylene.
Custom Design
The custom design options from Clippard include stroke and rod modifications, special mounting configurations and ports, seal and lubrication options, integrated valving and adjustable stroke cylinders.

For full details of Clippard products available from The West Group, e-mail us or call our support team on 023 9226 6031.