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New Oxygen Compatible Push-in Fittings

Published date: 12 Sep 2022

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The West Group is pleased to be able to offer a new range of oxygen compatible fittings, designed specifically for the Life Science industry.


These products have superior cleanliness and are well suited to the oxygen gas and ventilator markets.  They have been developed using materials resistant to harsh fluids, gases, and temperature variations, whilst ensuring optimum flow and ease of use.

Available from 4mm to 12mm in diameter, in many configurations, this range is an innovative solution adapted to the Life Science applications of tomorrow.
Another advantage is that these fittings are made from bio-sourced materials (Polyamide 11) and therefore have a favourable carbon footprint, allowing a new initiative towards recycling. 

Other features include:
Zero contamination
Low migration
Low gas permeation (O2, CO2 etc)
Mechanical resistance
Long-lasting solution
High level of sealing
Abrasion & moisture resistant
Lightweight & durable
Corrosion, impact & stress cracking resistance

PA 11 material offers a great balance between resistance to grease and hydrocarbons, and resistance to acids, bases and salts. The excellent chemical resistance of PA11 is reflected both in high dimensional stability under harsh conditions and in the non-degradation of the polymer matrix.
Compared to polyester-based thermoplastic elastomers and other polyamides, PA11 offers a better combination of properties:

▪ Stability of strong mechanical properties
▪ Excellent dimensional stability due to a lower absorption rate (significant in the case of tubing carrying fluids, to minimise risk of leakage at the connection site/s)
▪ Excellent inherent flexibility
▪ Very low permeability

To view the range, including full technical documentation, dimensional drawings, 3D CAD models and material specifications, click here: Click here to view fittings